We will walk with you through your appeals in Hamilton, OH

Front view of an appeals court


If a court has ruled against you in a civil or criminal case, you may want to appeal to a higher court. Appellate courts have their own detailed procedural rules, which can make an appeal a complicated and confusing process. Moreover, success on appeal requires not only a solid understanding of the legal issues in your case, but also the ability to craft a persuasive written argument. For these reasons, it is important to work with an appellate lawyer. 

Our appellate litigation lawyer assists clients by: 

   - Thoroughly reviewing the record for any and all legal errors 
   - Writing persuasive briefs 
   - Presenting oral argument to the court 
   - Communicating updates regularly throughout the entire process 

Additionally, because you generally have a relatively short window of time to decide whether you want to file an appeal, it is important to consult with us in our Hamilton, OH office as soon as possible.
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